Restoring Relationships Seminar with Jarrol and Marjorie Cole

Relationships from Gods Perspective was the theme presented by author Marjorie Cole at a 3-day seminar held at the Agape Church in Timisoara. The subject is one of great interest and helps believers to realize the importance of developing relationships based on love, while understanding that there are also forces fighting against these relationships.

Marjorie Cole, founder of Life Recovery: When we study relationships we have to include the notions of love and war, because we find ourselves in a struggle. The evil one is waging a war against us and wants to destroy our relationships. This is why I spoke about spiritual warfare, about the fact that the enemy comes to trick us, to lie to us, to make us believe lies about God, about ourselves, and about others. He wants to strengthen the fight and create divisions. God wants to bring unity to the Chruch, blessing, fulfillment and life. We cannot have this if we are divided, but, if we love one another...Jesus said, all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another, (John 13:35). This conference brings the revelation of love for people through Jesus.

Daniel Matei, President of Timisoara Christian Center: We learned and are learning about these relationships which are of major importance in the life of a Christian. A true Christian has a relationship with God first of all, has a relationship with the Lord Jesus, has a relationship with the Holy Spirit and then has a relationship with the Body of Christ, with members of the church.

Life is formed of relationships which can be a source of great blessing, but also of great problems. The information presented during the seminar is based on the study of the Bible which describes almost every type of relationship: with God, with ourselves, with others, and with sin.

Jarrol Cole, Pastor, True Light Church, Dayton, Minnesota, USA:

The conference is very important because many times we do not understand the expanse of spiritual warfare taking place all over the earth. Not only outside of the church, but also within the church. At the conference we transmitted biblical information that sometimes we dont hear about or we dont understand. The information presented is backed up by much experience and a deep understanding of the Word of God. We believe that it is useful for equipping people to minister throughout Romania.

Adrian Pop, pastor, New Covenant Church, Targu Mures: I consider it an extremely important topic, especially for the Church since the Lord Jesus prayed often for unity which must exist, for love which must be among those who bear His name.

Dumitru Geru, pastor, Good News Church, Drobeta-Turnu Severin: Our Sister explained to us that we must rebuild relationships with our fellow man, our vertical relationship with God, and our relationship with our own selves.

David Serediuc, pastor, Philadelphia Church, Iași: This teaching which Sister Marjorie Cole brought is a complex teaching that is very useful. Its important that we receive it and implement it.

The participants of the sessions recognized the fact that relationships are important in the Church, but also in society.

Stratica Serediuc, Iași: People really need this and, in general, are lacking in love. I think this touched my heart and I really want to put it into practice.

Mia Pop, Targu Mures: The sphere of relatsionships...pure and simple its the sphere in which we can manifest Gods love. God is love, we are called to show love and I dont see anywhere else that we could better show Gods love and where we could represent God than in relationships with ourselves, with our families, our fellow man, the Church and those around us.

Carmen Eftene, Reghin: I wanted to deepen myself in the new teaching that Marjorie Cole brings, new for us at least.

Diana Pop, Timișoara: It was an interesting subject. Very many young people are facing relationships they have with their parents. Probably their parents have never known God so there is a wall between them. Or maybe they are orphans and do not know God as Father.

At the event hosted by Timisoara Christian Center, Marjorie Cole, in collaboration with Alfa Omega TV, launched her latest book, Relationships Gods Way.

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