Victorious Conference 2019

The central focus of the Victorious conferences is the restoration of ones whole being through healing and deliverance. The Ground Zero Church in Brasov organized the first conference of this kind 9 years ago.

Fanel Serban, pastor, Ground Zero Church, Brasov: This is what we want to do, to carry out this mandate which we find in the Holy Scriptures, in the Gospels, and take it further into this nation, and, why not, to raise up the next generation who, when their time comes, will do the same.

Claudiu Lapadat, pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Timisoara: What I can say about the conference which took place is that we enjoyed the grace of God, a special spiritual atmosphere, the Lords anointing was present and Im convinced that souls were fed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that it will bring forth fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Ministering healing and deliverance is an integral part of Jesus Great Commission, although it is not understood in this way by many believers.

Beni Rusu, Timisoara: We, somehow, have grown up believing that once were converted or come to God we are automatically fully perfected. But it seems that the reality of our facts shows exactly the opposite. We need to work on the interior man continuously. I believe the subject of deliverance is exactly the tool God uses to produce these things in our lives.

Daniel Birca, Timisoara: I think this theme is important because its part of the Gospel that Jesus Christ presented to His disciples and I think we need to learn the complete Gospel, not just certain parts of it. Jesus came to offer us all all the riches and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lavinia Nita, Timisoara: Its very important to address this subject of deliverance and healing since many Christians live through the prism of the past and dont live to their maximum potential.

Restoration doesnt mean only physical healing, but emotional healing as well. At the same time. deliverance represents a process of change and transformation of the believer.

Alexandra Lapadat, Timisoara: Most of all I learned that humilty can take you to the top of living with God. The fact that you recognize you need help, and recognize that you can be vulnerable in one aspect, can take you further than when you act like act like youre smart.

Ruxanda Plop, Timisoara: We thank God for the work of healing and deliverance which He does, its the childrens bread.

Among the subjects addressed at the Victorious Conference were rejection, unforgiveness, and obstacles to deliverance.

Daniel Toma, Timisoara: For me it was something new. I didnt know how much we can be affected by rejection which many of us felt during childhood, in our teen years and even now follows us, even though we may say that weve escaped it.

Lidia Dobrin, Timisoara: Wounds of the soul which each of us experiment at different levels can be an open gate, they can be the thing that attracts demonic presence.

This 10th edition took place in Timisoara due to the desire to be a blessing to believers in the western part of the country.

Fanel Serban, pastor, Ground Zero Church, Brasov: With the help of the Lord we succeeded in coming to Timisoara, and were specially favored by God to see people who were really touched by the Lord, some were healed, some were delivered. This is our joy, in addition to all of this, people who didnt know the Lord, received the Lord Jesus during the conference.

This years Victorious Conference was organized by Ground Zero Church in Brasov along with Holy Trinity Church in Timisoara, in partnership with Alfa Omega TV.

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