Superbook wins the hearts of children in small town

Super book has won the hearts of children in Onca Mures. There, Gizmo the robot payed a visit to the hospital.

The Viata 9 (New Life) kids club, which is run by the Carpenters House Church in Ocna Mures, Alba County, recently organized a Superbook event. About 60 children attended, some of which were from the church as well as others from outside the church.

Paula Decean: Nowadays, no matter how many stories we can tell our children, they are not relevant. When you show them a video it is much more relevant, more interesting. And for me, Superbook means so much!

Ilinca Cir: This event meant a lot to us, because so many other children came. They are really attracted by the cartoons, they see something colorful and they automatically come.

Ana-Maria: Today I came with my grandson to the event put on by the Carpenters House in Ocna Mures. He likes to watch all of the shows with Gizmo. He is facinated by it.

With the help of the cartoons, children more easily understand biblical principles. In addition to games and contests, the little ones enjoyed the participation of Gizmo the robot.

Loredana Decean: I came in from Cluj-Napoca along with my husband and two children, Tesa and Lucas. We enjoyed seeing them being so happy to get to come and see Gizmo personally. They took pictures with him. These cartoons are such a blessing for the children of todays generation.

Nicoleta Vlajan: These were the cartoons of my childhood. I remember all kind of things from them. Of course, as you said, this is a more modern version, but its the same principle.

Robert Bacila: We have two children. Elisa and Luis are their names. We brought them to this event because I believe it draws them closer to God, they develop good character traits as they watch these cartoons a lot.

Viorica Veres: Its information, in my opinion, that reaches children much more easily, being adapted for their age. Its a great idea because they are taught good things from the Bible.

The event in Ocna Mures, also had a moment that was a bit out of the ordinary. Gizmo the robot visited a little girl in the hospital.

Simona Decean: When the little girl first saw us she was a bit frightened because she hadnt imagined exactly how Gizmo was. Shed thought he was small, like a little child, but when she saw that he was so big...we sang The Salvation Poem , we talked, we chatted. It was so beautiful and the little girl hugged Gizmo and laid her head over on him. I clearly saw the joy in her heart and I knew that it was of the Holy Spirit that we went there. It was a great experience for us, but also for her and her mother.

The children who attended the New Life Club watched the Good Samaritan episode and learned what it means to love your neighbor.

Paula Decean: We know that this is the church of tomorrow and we want to implement the Word of God in their lives and raise them in the knowledge of the Lord. Super Book is a great platform for anyone. Its extraordinary for the church.

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