Mission work, a priority of the local church

In recent years the local church has noticeably lost interest in mission work both in country and beyond the borders. This situation was recently discussed among leaders of several mission organizations that are part of the consortium of Partners in Missions Romania.

Gavril Moldovan, President, PIM Romania: What I observe, especially from 2008-2010, is a growing disinterest of the local church regarding mission work, both in terms of evangelization, and that of external missions.

Dan Boingeanu, Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, Suceava: In Romania we had a good beginning. Immediately after the Revolution there were churches that went outside the borders of our places of worship, beyond the walls of the church. With the passing of time, though, liberty has caused us to slow our motors down and perhaps live a season in which we are tired of witnessing for the Lord, spreading the Gospel.

The dynamics and culture of society have changed radically, which is why it is neccessary to redefine the idea of missions, as was revealed by the participants at the meeting in Sibiu.

Beniamin Poplacean, Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church, Sibiu: There was time when I was the beneficiary of other mission organizations. Missionaries came from whom I learned how to do missions, but I believe at the present time, the Church in Romania, regardless of the type or confessional nuance, is called to begin to do missions and the missions must be in accordance with Gods plan.

Gavril Moldovan, President, PIM Romania: Each local church is called to work in the four dimensions mentioned in Acts 1:8-- Jerusalem, all of Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

The vision of PIM Romania is to extend the idea of missions from the classical movement to one of equipping each individual believer.

Gavril Moldovan, President, PIM Romania: What is neccesary in this period in which we live is a redifinition of what a mission is and then indentifying new methods with which to bring the Gospel into relationship with people, so that they can understand the Gospel, accept the Gospel and by accepting it, know the Lord Jesus.

Ionica Zaharia, director Transilvania, Choose Life Association: We want to mobilize as many young people in particualr, but not only the youth, both in the country and externally. And one thing we really want to happen is to see that churches in Romania grow and plant new churches in our country.

At the working meeting in Sibiu the management structure of PIM Romania was reorganized.

Lidia Muraru, ProMission Foundation: I think its a new opportunity, a new launch in another form of ministry and I believe that each one can put forth an effort to work at bringing the Gospel to people that have not yet turned to God.

Jorge Carvalho, director, OCI Romania: I like the idea of PIM, because we complete one another. Organizations have different gifts and callings, but we all have the same goal and we are all on the same team, the Kingdom of God.

Partners in Missions Romania is a consortium formed of mission organizations which began approximately 20 years ago. Alfa Omega TV is a founding member and promotes mission works and the values relating to local and cross-cultural missions.

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