Superbook Academy, Bible Lessons for Children

The interaction of children with the Bible from an early age is very important. Studies show that 85% of Christians receive Jesus in their lives between the ages of 4-14 years.

Paula Decean: The Bible tells us to speak to children when they are small, to put the Word of God in their hearts and minds, so that when they grow up it will bring fruit and they will follow the ways of God.

Cartoons which relate biblical events are a way in which childrens attention can be captured, and the Superbook project is one such instrument.

Paula Decean: I grew up watching Superbook. We watched Tele7abc and followed Superbook back then with Profesor Quantum, the Flying House, and with all the cartoons. As soon as I saw that Superbook had returned in the language of todays children, I considered it a good manual and a good tool for working with this generation.

Superbook Academy is a component of this evengelistic project. The program has already been used in several localities including Ocna Mures and Piatra Neamt. The lessons are dynamic, interactive, and include video clips with a Bible content.

Paula Decean: Nowadays, no matter how many stories we can tell our children, they are not relevant. When you show them a video it is much more relevant, more interesting. And for me, Superbook means so much!

Marcela Stanciu: It is so easy for them to visualize and this helps them to remember. It helps them to easier understand the message we are conveying and for us teachers, it makes our lesson work much easier.

The Sunday School package contains Bible lessons for grades 1-6 arranged in modules. There are 13 modules for one year with video clips and teaching materials for 3 different Bible lesson themes.

Children participate in large and small study groups, and through this process they memorize Scripture and apply what they learn in their daily lives.

(Ana Maria: In Cluj, in the work with children where I am involved, many times we show certain episodes and then draw a conclusion at the end. We try to think about the lessons and ways to interact for them.

Eden Duma: We study Superbook. Every Sunday we see a cartoon, after that, based on the cartoon, we have questions for the children. They are very active, they answer, and they enjoy the interaction between us and them.

Viorica Veres: It is information that, in my opinion, reaches children much easier being adapted to their age. Its a good idea because they learn good things from the Bible.

Sunday School teachers appreciate the Superbook project.

(Paula Decean: For us Superbook means so much. Its a very good platform for promoting faith and for promoting biblical principles and Bible stories.

Marcela Stanciu: I was pleasantly surprised when I received the kit with the Superbook lessons, since the lesson plans were structured so well. We, as Sunday School teachers, found them easy to present to the children.

The structure of the Superbook Sunday School program helps churches create a partnership with families for the spiritual and biblical training of their children.

(Paula Decean: For us this is a life principle. We know that this is the church of tomorrow. Children are the church of tomorrow and we want to implement the Word of God in their lives and raise them in the knowledge of the Lord. Superbook is a great platform for anyone who lays their hands on it. Its something extraordinary for the church.

Superbook is a project aimed specifically at children, produced by CBN and developed by Alfa Omega TV in Romania, since 2016.

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