The Journey of Generosity Project Project

For more than 20 years the Journey of Generosity project has been helping people all over the world to discover the joy of giving. The principle of generosity is biblical and is part of Gods character.

Beniamin Poplacean: The essence of Gods blessings consists in giving and being generous. I think that the idea of generosity is, in fact, the character of God. The more we begin to resemble Gods character, the more we should understand that we must give, and that we give to be truly blessed.

When God wanted to save the world He gave His only Son. Christians are encouraged to make resources they have available to God and in this way learn to be a blessing for their fellow man.

Ionica Zaharia: I believe that if Christians would be more sensitive to this principle of generosity, our image and our testimony among non-Christians, would really be very powerful and would help a lot in evangelizing through the model are to the world and, more than that, more resources would be available for the work of God.

In Romania this project was introduced last year, and to date approximately 20 conferences have been organized using the theme of generosity.

Ionica Zaharia: At these conferences we only learn about generosity. The people who come are not merely challenged to give without a result, knowing that God will work in their hearts and if they have a particular work on their heart, they will get involved afterwards. The conferences are actually to learn about generosity.

Beniamin Poplacean: I think the time has come for Romanians to understand that we are not ones who always only receive, but we should create and pass on blessings.

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