Operation Mobilization Romania is Training Missionaries - AOTV Report

In our world today there are a few billion people that have never heard about Jesus Christ or the Bible. The Christian organization Operation Mobilization Romania trains missionaries, aiming to reach these communities.

We realize that a lot of training is needed on the mission field or before we leave. There is a missionary training program called M.D.T. and we wish more East-Europeans would enroll in it. We also have students from Western Europe, as well as from the States and South Korea. We wish to instruct them so that they can go in the least-reached areas of the world.

The training program is organized every year, over a period of 6 months, and it is available for Christians in every country.

Usually, our training program starts in January and lasts for 6 months. The course is designed for students in every country, not only for Romanians. We had participants from all over the world, especially Europeans interested in Eastern Europe that were able to learn how to reach people from a different culture. Right now, we have enrolled in our program people from the Faroe Islands, the United States, South Korea, the Moldavian Republic, Switzerland, Germany, so its very colored from this point of view. But our heart beats for Romania, were one of the strongest evangelical powers in Europe. Some statistics say were on the first place, others say were on the third, it depends on the point of view. We have a burning desire to see as many Romanians as possible mobilized and instructed, and reaching the ends of the earth.

Some of the foreign participants in the instruction program decided to stay in Romania.

The first time I heard about the M.D.T. Program was when I did a short term in Moldova.

They came with the program and I decided to volunteer there. When I was in M.D.T., it was a great experience, both spiritually and because I learned a lot about what it means to go in missions and it made me aware of the importance of going in missions and sharing the Gospel. Now I have a clearer vision of what I want to do in life.

It was a multicultural experience and thats also how Ive heard about Romania. Romania really got into my heart, thats how I decided to go to long-term in Romania and now Im here to serve God in Romania.

OM Romania coordinators wish to share the Gospel with people who never heard it to the extent possible.

There are over 2,9 billion people who never heard the Gospel, dont have any evangelical friends, dont have any church to go to and know nothing at all about the word Jesus. There are many people who know about the second coming of Christ, but there are also a lot of people who know nothing about His first coming.

Operation Mobilisation Christian organization works in more than 100 countries through over 3,500 missionaries.

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