Logos Hope A Method of Outreach in Modern Times - AOTV Report

The international organization Operation Mobilization aims to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth, using modern methods to meet peoples longing to know the truth of the Scripture.

Another objective is meeting various needs people may have. One of OMs projects is called Logos Hope, which involves turning a ship into a bookstore.

The Logos Hope ship was launched into service in February 2009. The mission ship thus reaches people and nations of the world. Members of OM Romania were part of the project.

We have a bookstore on board with over 7,000 titles. People can come to visit this ship and buy Christian books. There are many countries where there are no Christian bookstores. For example, were welcomed very well in the Middle East because it is a special event for them, and people have access to literature that normally doesnt sell in their country.

During journeys to more than 150 countries, the floating bookshops were visited by more than 44 million people who have received knowledge from the books offered.

Their lives have been transformed through an investment that didnt go beyond their possibilities. More than being a way of outreach, the ship is also a means of mobilization.

It is a country on waves, with more than 350 people from over 50 nations and from the captain to the sailors, theyre all Christians. We dont only need professionals, but also people who want to spend an entire year taking the Gospel to ports around the world.

Moreover, Logos Hope is a means of training. Navigating from port to port, the crew experiences face-to-face the needs of the world, having the opportunity to help by donating food or building a facility or listening to the stories of the people they meet.

Logos Hopes visitors have the opportunity to get to know the international crew, representing roughly 50 nations, and can also learn about new cultures, participate in interactive programs or cultural events.

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