Little Feet Association is Fighting for Life - AOTV Report

In Romania, teen girls in Baia Mare are visiting the Little Feet counseling center more and more often. The girls are struggling to find favorable solutions while babies are in danger. While fighting for unborn babies lives, counselors working in the association found that the so-called morning-after pill is taken as if it were acetaminophen.

Teenage girls confronted with pregnancy decisions are our centers most frequent visitors. On a side note, girls finding themselves in crisis often call me to help them make a decision. In my discussions with them, I noticed there are many teenage girls taking the morning-after pill immediately after having sexual relations, even though the crisis didnt occur.

This phenomenon is a problem among teenage girls as theyre taking this pill as if it were acetaminophen or aspirin, without considering the consequences, without thinking how it could affect their relationship.

Abortion isn’t a solution to unwanted pregnancy because the woman isn’t the only one suffering repercussions. This procedures spiritual implications are complex and harm the entire family. Abortion brings about a spirit of death which does not come alone. Spirits of death, of powerlessness, of condemnation, occult spirit, of idolatry, of witchcraft accompany the spirit of death when someone has an abortion or lives in adultery.

Daily counseling led to the conclusion that both teenagers and parents need to be informed and educated. We are in the process of signing a partnership agreement with the school inspectorate. From this semester on, we will go in high schools in Baia Mare, focusing on preventing pregnancy and drug use.

Assisting teenagers and offering information regarding pregnancy and its consequences is our responsibility. This project allows us to reach parents too. We partnered up with Clinica Pro Vita association and together were working on a flyer designed to help parents. It will contain information about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We also want to make people aware of the emotional consequences following sexual encounters or drug use.

The Little Feet counseling center, operating in the Romanian city of Baia Mare for over a year now, recently moved into its new facility.

Were close to the emergency county hospital in Baia Mare. Little by little, were becoming better known and were relying on volunteer help. Were offering volunteers a training program here, at the center. Because of that, we too are challenged to grow.

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