Prayer for Israel and Midle East - AOTV Report

President Trumps announcement regarding the withdrawal of the American army from northeastern Syria gave rise to concern among the Middle East population. People are afraid for the new democracy and for the future of the local Christians. At the same time, they view with concern the interest in the matter shown by states such as Iran, Russia and Turkey. Moreover, in early April, general elections will be held in Israel. Succat Hallel, the prayer house in Jerusalem, as well as other Christians, called for support in prayer for Israel and the Middle East.

We need to pray that, whether he is the one chosen in the election or another one, that it will be a person who can stand strong against the enemies of Israel. The country needs a very strong leader because the Middle East is a very dangerous place. There are demonic forces trying to destroy Israel, so it needs a strong leader to stand up against them. We need to pray for him really being the right leader and stand up. We pray that, as long as Netanyahu will be in office, he will not be distracted by these other things or have his life chocked out of him by them, but that he would be able to know what God wants and that the council of the Lord will overrule.

I believe it is important to pray mostly for the elections that are coming on April 9th because very many things that are important for the future of this country and for this people are decided by this elections. I believe this is an important moment to stand with Israel, pray for Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem and the future of our country.

Alfa Omega TV urges you to fast and pray for northeastern Syria, for Israel and for the entire Middle East, so that people would be protected and Gods Kingdom would develop.

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