Poverty and Child Abandonment in Romania - AOTV Report

Romanias child protection system is in need of a change. It has to become able to assist the 58,0000 children living in state care residences or in families. World Bank Group, UNICEF, and the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption issued together a study called Romania: Children in Public Care. Its result shows that poverty is the main reason why families abandon their children.

Theyre irresponsible. Probably poverty plays its own role, too. Besides, the society today is very sick almost everywhere.

The political system has damaged society a long time ago. I suppose poverty is the reason.

People abandon their children because theyre unable of raising other kids. Usually, poor people are the ones having more than three kids and become unable of providing for at least one of them.

In addition to the financial issues, Romania lacks a healthy mindset concerning raising challenged children. The real causes are of spiritual and emotional nature.

Unfortunately, we let our human values decline. Nowadays, a person is seen only from an utilitarian perspective.

Ive come to a conclusion after studying the children who come to our centre, as well as the Gypsy community Im working with. I discovered that poverty isnt a reason for child abandonment. The Gypsy families refuse to abandon their children in spite of their poverty. It became clear to me that poverty isnt and shouldnt be leading to abandonment.

In 2017, almost 1,300 children were adopted and 85% of them were under the age of 6. According to a number of final awards, Romania had over 3,200 adoptable children. A rough number of 2,700 families were offered certification for national and international adoption. The system is highly defective as it disregards the social reality.

Only 1,000 of the 58,000 children in the protection system get adopted. Most of them remain there. Some of the reasons why that is include health problems, not being young enough or their ethnic origin: kids dont physically resemble their adoptive parents.

In 2004, Romanias adoption law was restrictive, but positive changes to it were made. Most recently, this summer brought new implementations. The family identification of up to fourth degree relatives was removed from the adoption procedure. Moreover, financial incentives were implemented as a means of supporting families decision to adopt.

The individualized protection plan can facilitate reintegration in the biological family. It can also start adoption proceedings by declaring a child adoptable. He or she has a chance to adoption the moment their name gets written on the adoptable childrens list. Unfortunately, 93% of them find themselves in an overextending temporary solution.

The Scripture tells us God is a Father for the orphans, spurring us into helping orphans and widows. This call addresses Christians and the Church.

Adoption can be compared with the action of entering the enemy territory, setting free a realm of darkness war prisoner and bringing them into your home. This is an attack on the realm of darkness. You shouldnt expect it to react with kindness. It will be hard, a real war. Bringing into your home a child you took from Satans hand will be just as advancing to a wars battleline.

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