Twelve Theses of Faith on Israel and the Church - AOTV Report

A group of Christian leaders from Christians for Israel organization elaborated 12 theses on the Jewish people. The document was recently released in Romania, at Timisoara, and it offers arguments on Israels role in Gods redemptive plan.

Over the years, Christians promoted the replacement theology, i.e. Church was superior to Israel in Gods eyes. Christian leaders are advised to acknowledge Jewish peoples place and role as stated in the Bible.

Any man of God who is a church leader should ask himself this questions: Do these things we hear, we see on the news and that overlap with the Bible not convey anything to me ? I believe that if church leaders, no matter the denomination, would seriously ponder on Gods heart and His Word,they would all come to the same conclusion: God has loved His people and will love them to the end.

Alfa Omega TV joined this effort of reporting the truth concerning the chosen people by producing a series of programs entitled Why Israel ?, addressing the subject Church and Israel, The Twelve Theses of Faith.

I believe each of us are called to show our love in practical ways. There are eschatological, end-time events closely linked to the people of Israel. If we concern ourselves with the actual, global contexts, we can clearly see signs foretelling Jesus Christs returning.

The complete documentation regarding how should the Church relate to Israel is available to you for download on the website.

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