Social security in Romania is Improving - AOTV Report

In one of Romanias most important cities, Timisoara, a business meeting on consolidating the relationship between state institutions, businessmen and non-governmental organizations to support the social system took place at the Social Assistance Departments headquarters. The event was organized in collaboration with Jesus Hope of Romania Evangelical Charitable Association and the European Christian Political Movement.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations activating in the social sphere, of the Chamber of Trade, Industry and Agriculture and of social institutions debated social services needs in the Romanian city of Timisoara.

A large number of people were present here today. This achievement is very important as public-private partnership is the solid bridge providing social health to our community. We love our people and were aware of the great number of needs, therefore the Social Assistance Department of Timisoara City Hall is pleased with this exemplary collaboration.

Today, the Social Assistance Department of Timisoara city provides services to 74.000 people. This Romanian City Hall established partnerships with 12 NGOs which are ensuring proper functioning of all social security programs the City Hall needs help with.

Participants to the meeting presented their projects, debated ways of accessing EU repayable funds, the lack of qualified human resources, as well as legislative issues.

Once again, today we realized the need of legislative changes, but we will have further discussions before submitting our proposals to the Government. We also need more volunteers and mass medias help in making Romanian people aware of the importance of getting involved in social action programs. At the end, we all agreed to propose that the day of November 18th should become Charity Day in Romania.

As reflected by the participants impressions on the event, this exchange of experience between State institutions, business environment and social security-related NGOs has been beneficial.

I believe Timisoara is a model for other cities and countries as it has a good cooperation between authorities and NGOs. We have to learn how to collaborate.

Other participants were representatives of the Chamber of Trade because it is important for the business environment to be involved in society and to assume social responsibility.

Leo van Doesburg also said: From a Christian point of view, were all called to serve those in need, no matter our denomination.

At the end of the meeting, he signed in the Social Assistance Department in Timisoaras guest book.

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