Romania`s Watchmen Network - intercession for the country - AOTV Report

Thirteen years ago, Christians in Romania founded the Watchmen Network, a movement developed from a desire to serve the nation through fasting and prayer. A few dozens of Christians answered the call to be a part of this spiritual ministry.

We called 1.600 people, but only 70 came. I was sad and upset, but God spoke to me through a prophet and told me: Im starting My ministry with 70 people. Go ahead! Thirteen years have passed and this ministry expanded over the ocean, in many places on earth. Even today there are people who pray and fast !

The Watchmen Network also organizes Fasting and Prayer National Conferences. The most recent event was held in the Romanian thermal spa resort Baile Felix. The participants celebrated the way God transformed their lives and answered their prayers, both individually and at the national level.

Our own mission was to have a 40-day prayer and fasting time for the nation before the conference. We got into details because we know the great number of problems Romania is facing.

Were promoting Jesus teaching on prayer and fasting through our events. We motivate and empower every Christian to experiment, believe, to be sanctified and to enter in fellowship with Jesus Christ, the Lord, because he wants to live in me, in us.

We believe the only way our country can be changed is through changed individuals, people promoting Christian values, God-fearing, truth-speaking, genuine and Gospel-sharing people.

The healing school is another constant interest of those engaged in the Watchmen Network. Through it, people experienced the changing power of God’s Word.

By the empowerment to heal the sick through laying on of the hands that You gave me, Im laying my hand over me. Until someone sick believes in the grace You gave me, Im laying my hand over me and I say: It is written that the Lord took up my iniquities, disease, suffering, weakness and pain. And, in Your wounds, I have been healed.

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