Reeducating Parents - a Solution to a Problematic Education System? AOTV Report

The Education System in Romania underwent changes following the 1989 Revolution and stemmed from a desire to be improved and adapted to the national and international contexts. Still, the Romanian education system is facing major problems: illiteracy, high rates of school drop out and early school leaving. Is reeducating parents a solution to these issues, as suggested by the newest project proposed by the Ministry of National Education, The National Parenting Education Program for 2018-2025 ?

Initially, the document was posted on the Ministrys site on June 11th 2018 and was meant to be open for public consultation until July 10th, but it was deleted shortly after backlash against it started. The National Parenting Education Program includes measures such as redesigning the family value system because it is said that child protection stumble upon conservative mentalities, and single models considered ideal shouldnt be imposed.

The basis of this strategy lies in the theoretical approach that the family is not as we know naturally, but as a constellation of ideas, images and terminologies, permanently created and recreated by sociocultural practices.

Furthermore, parental education should come in support of respect for diversity and active encouragement of gender equality. The area can be expanded as a matter of international conventions Romania ratified in the past years.

Among the general principles considered in this strategy is the promotion of diversity and elimination of gender stereotypes, which influence the different life paths of girls and boys, in line with national anti-discrimination law, as well as the UN and the European Commission standards concerning this issue.

It is clear and necessary that we need to find solutions, but they should take into account the Christian moral values that have been at the center of the Romanian education system.

Christians in Romania, regardless of their confession, should be aware of the danger hanging over future generations and should join together in prayer.

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