Do not ask questions, just believe?

Christianity is going through a period of great challenges in which biblical values are considered outdated. Postmodern society annuls Christian principles. In these circumstances, the Church must be prepared to defend the Christian faith.

Silviu Cornea: This time weve tried to call people around the Scripture with the intention of understanding it and defending it.

Defending the faith, or apologetics, represents an opportunity to explain the depth of the Bible and to challenge expressions such as do not ask questions, just believe, which have been wrongly imposed over time.

Vlad Criznic: I was looking to see where its written dont ask questions, just believe. Who knows this verse? Does anyone know this verse? If you knew it would be a problem, because nowhere in the Bible does it say dont ask questions, just believe. On the contrary.

As part of the project, Put your hand on the book?, Veritas Bible College organized a meeting in Timisoara on the topic of supporting Christian ideas and values.

Ovidiu Țiprigan: We had an event using the following question: Dont ask questions, just believe?. Much has been said about how to defend the Christian faith. How we should respond to people around us who ask us questions about our faith or our life as a believer: why do we live in a particular way, or why do we hold to these principles?

Silviu Cornea: Scripture contains God truth. There are values in which we believe and values that must be defended in a context of secularism and of people who very superfically pass over certain things, and who devalue and relativize everything.

The seminar, having the theme Dont ask questions, just believe? was held by Vlad Criznic who encouraged those present to be prepared at all times to uphold Scripture.

Vlad Criznic: The concern of apologetics shouldnt be strictly a theoretical preocupation, but practically it is the fulfillment of a command. Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you--this is the command--and we see it in countless places in Scripture being put into application. In Pauls case it was his custom, Paul, as his custom was, went in to them, and reasoned with them from the Scriptures,  explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead.

Participants at the event understood that it is necessary to have a convincing response to the challenges of todays society backed up by authentic Christian living.

Flavius Avramescu: I came to this event because I think its very important to gather together and study the Word of God. Gods Word should be our basis in everyday life.

Diana Pop: We need to have clear arguments about Scripture since many young people are skeptical and agnostic. They will always corner us about the truthfulness of the Bible.

Lidia Cruceru: First of all I think its important to search out the Bible and one of my motives for coming is related to the theme of the conference: Do not ask questions, just believe?

Abiatar Vacari: We especially see how important Bible study is in order to break the myth of dont ask questions, just believe. Sadly, its a myth that functions in our society.

In postmodern society, the Church needs to be present with a clear and effective message to defend Christian ideas and values.

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