How to Raise a Family for Heaven Conference in Sinaia, Romania

In recent years the family has been under unprecedented attack. In postmodern society the concept of family has become something devoid of essence. However, from a biblical perspective, the family is sacred and instituted by God Himself. Im view these current challenges, an event was held recently in Sinaia, which focused on the importance of the family.

A conference with the theme How to raise a family for heaven was recently held in Sinaia. This was the 8th edition for the event which was organized by Bethel Church in the Buzau community of Ramnicelu. For many years the Roma community of this locality has understood the importance of education in the family and of drawing near to God.

Vasile Lautaru: We have purposed ourselves to learn and then to teach others because we are aware only through education and through the Word of God people can be changed and transformed. If, in our community, this change and transformation has taken place, as I was saying before, not the authorities, not people, not us, but God did this change. But we were conscious of the fact that we need God and through the Word, God brought about this transformation.

In Roma culture, family is very important, but tradition has often been in conflict with the law, especially regarding marriages. These were carried out between minors, sometimes with girls being only 8 years old. But the Word of God changed their mentality.

Marian Lautaru: It was these premature marriages that caused a lot of headaches. To the shame of the community we say this, because we believers didnt practice this, those in the world married children 8 years, 10 years old, and the girls became mothers at 11-12 years old.

Drawing close to God and understanding biblical principles transformed the Roma community of Ramnicelu.

Marian Lautaru: If the authorities couldnt change our society, I want to tell you that they tried, those from child protection, tried to change the mentality towards premature marriage and they didnt succeed. What they couldnt do, the Gospel and the Word of God, and God did. Praise be to His Name!

During the same time, husbands understood that they must change their behavior towards their wives.

Grigore Vasile: In our Roma community, if someone didnt beat his wife, he was considered a weak man. That was the mentality. Now we learn to love them, to honor them, to take care of them. We know that they are more delicate. In this way God has taught us in many areas of life to know how to act.

The family conferences organized annually by Bethel Church in Ramnicelu began in 2012. The underlying motive was the desire to spend time away from the normal daily concerns and a more intense time of seeking God.

Vasile Lautaru: We were conscious of the fact that we needed to detach ourselves from all that means family, activities, work, to be able set time aside for ourselves. The time was 4 days.

Romeo Cristian Fotache: They are conferences that are beneficial for the community, for the church and we encourage ministers and pastors throughout the country to do these kinds of meetings because the Lord Jesus, at one point, felt the need to have a special place He could withdraw to in order to receive strength.

Nicusor Dumitrica: We have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to bring our wives, not only to enjoy ourselves, but to educate them and our families to become strong families, as God asks us to be.

Sorinel Ion: Here we gather, exactly like a bee which gathers and in the nest they deposit honey. There they feed their young, there they feed their family, they feed their wife.

Ramona: Ive learned many things. The thing that has stayed in my heart is the fact that to be a happy family is to have God in the center.

Gina Lepadatu: Theres a biblical rule in the sense that the woman does not lead. The woman must be subject to her husband, and I learned this here: the man should love his wife and the wife should be subject to him.

At the 8th edition of the family conference approximately 160 families participated.

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