Evangelization through art – Romanian Caricaturist, Radu Cletiu

Radu Cletiu made his debut during the 1980s in the humour magazine Urzica (translated Nettler), well known at that time. After the Revolution of 1989 he set up publication of some comic strips, and collaborated with newspapers and local TV stations. Radu Cletiu says that caricature is a entertaining way of presenting reality.

Radu Cletiu: Ive always tried with the tools of my expression, which are my two hands and a graphic instrument with which I express myself, to be able to transmit concepts. And Ive succeeded.

In Radu Cletius life there was a moment in which he accepted biblical truths and understood that his life needed to change. Now he uses his talent to present the Gospel to people through his cartoons.

Radu Cletiu: Caricature allows you a very wide spectrum to approach interlocutors from different cultures, from different languages, even though you may not understand them, through a cartoon you can translate the message. And even ages. I can communicate with a small child or with a wise man, not to mention my age, that is, an older person or with a mature person.

With the help of graphic metaphors the artist manages to express a focused Christian message.

Radu Cletiu: In the end its exactly this, as Jesus said: Blessed are you when they persecute you. And then I finished the portrait with a bandage over a wound from one, and from another. Thats how a caricaturist composes a message, at least thats how I understand the way to evangelize.

In his activity of transmitting biblical parables to people, the caricaturist brought back a character hed created several years ago, named Hominid.

Radu Cletiu: After 10 years I managed to finalize 8 pages of this cartoon strip in which I present the story of the Prodigal Son, using this character, Hominid. I hope this also will be a means of evangelization reaching as many readers as possible.

Radu Cletius caricatures are like living parables through which the artist describes truths from Scripture.

Radu Cletiu: I thought that in the second that I joined a Baptist church, that right then I would be able to do who knows what. But, no. It takes years of accumulating experience. Youre more courageous at the beginning. Now, many times Im fearful. I used to say, the one who searches for great riches, priceless jewels, buys the whole area. As a caricaturist, I am grateful to gather straw. I listen to good material, I get an idea from it. Aha! I already transfer it to a graphic image. I gather this straw together and try to form bricks. So, with the mud from the caricature, from these these chalks I use, out of the graphite I create straw with which I hope to build something as long as I have grace and time and someone to address.

Through the years, Radu Cletiu has participated at international cartoon shows and has won numerous awards. Among those we mention the French Press Club Award in 2016 and another in 2005 when he was nominated the fastest cartoonist, with 137 drawings completed in 1 hour at an international salon, also in France.

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