A heart for God and a hand outstretched to others

Social work is one of the priorities of the Carpenters House Church in Ocna Mures. Its a project which began almost 20 years ago and addresses families with multiple children and poor families in the community.

Augustin Decean: Social work is of particular importance for our church. Its very important, we put great emphasis on it and a certain percent of our collections--offerings and tithes--are directed to these projects.

The reason why Augustin Decean, along with other family members, has been involved in helping those in need, comes out of personal experience.

Augustin Decean: I come from a family of 10 children, being number 6. We, simply put, were helped by the brethren, by people who had a heart to help us with food, clothing and other things people need. And in that time God put in us the desire to help people. This has been a growing desire in our lives.

Mihai Decean: This vision which was placed in us began with a desire to do something for people in need. We were a large family and there were people who helped us with food, with clothing. Later, when we began this work, God called us to do that which had been done for us.

The social projects are supported by believers in the church. When a need arises, they take notice and are motivated to get involved, as it happened in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Paula Decean: Each month we, the church, offer 15 buckets of food for 15 needy families. And these buckets are filled by us, the people in the church.

Augustin Decean: And people in the church bring regular items: a liter of oil, sugar, flour, a chocolate bar, canned goods and we fill these buckets. I take the buckets along with the team and we check them---we have a list, to see what we need to complete, we add what is needed or if not, we take them to the families.

In addition to the material support they receive, people need to hear the Word of God and to understand their need for salvation.

Mihai Decean: I realized that its not enough merely to give people food and to dress them. You can dress them well and give them food and they can go to hell and have a sad, unhappy life. The values that God has set forth, the priciples of God, the Word of God, are what they need, over and above food and clothing, which also are good things.

Every social activity has a story, and behind these projects are people whove understood that to be a giving person is a quality which must be developed and its encouraged in Holy Scripture.

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