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A state of perpetual and excessive worry can affect us both emotionally and physically. But ailments are not to be treated only medically or theologically. Solving health problems involves a joint effort on the part of the doctor, the pastor and the patient, stated Dr. Vlad Schlezak, specialist in complex psychiatric reabilitation and founder of the multidisciplinary Christian counseling method.

Dr. Vlad Schlezak: Man must be treated in all these areas. Thus, I created the concept, with Gods help, of a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual treatment, that is biological-medical, psychological-Christian, social and spiritual-Christian, but all in unity. And then you treat the person or try to help them as best as possible in these areas.

Fear, worry and anxiety are contemporary topics. From a desire to find solutions, a seminar on this theme, organized locally by Holy Trinity Church and Maranatha Church, was held in the municipality of Timisoara.

Claudiu Lapadat: The Church needs to understand that God Almighty created man in His image and likeness. And all that man is--spirit, soul and body--is the formation of Gods hands. Theres not one part of the human being that God does not know how to repair. The secret is that we also need to know. God want us to know. Thats why all those who were at the seminar, were able to observe very clearly the connection between medicine and the Word of God. And its obvious when a Christian believer truly wants to experience an intervention by God, spirit, soul and body, through the Word, by faith, He will have Gods blessing.

Remus Runcan: I think its a relevant event for the 21st century man, who is truly confronted with fear, with worry and with anxiety. Due to this need, we organized the seminar, being aware that people are looking for solutions. Theyre looking for solutions to their problems, looking for solutions to their concerns, they have different fears and somehow they are thinking about how they can deal with them. A Christian psychologist, I think, is one who can bring answers to the questions people have on this subject.

From a scriptural perspective, fear is a universal problem. The Bible refers to this spiritual, emotional and mental issue.

Fanel Serban: The most common commandment in Scripture is, Fear not! Starting from this premise, we must understand that there is no person who does not face this problem. The right question isnt if people are confronted with it, but, how exactly to deal with it and escape the problem. Biblical faith doesnt mean denial. We dont deny the anxiety. Biblical faith means confronting it and offering solutions we find in the Word of God to be free from this bondage.

Dr. Vlad Schlezak: Were not here to judge, but to bring solutions because the Church, in my opinion, must be relevant to the society in which we live, but we must be in biblical and Christ-centered absolutism.

The second edition of the Multidisciplinary Counseling seminar, brought together more than 150 participants. People were interested in how they can put into practice this biblical, medical and scientific method of counseling.

Valentina Todorescu: Its very important to learn about this and to see how we can put it into practice concerning the problems that we are faced with in the society in which we live, to approach them in a Christian manner.

Cristina Buliga: Most of the time we Christians blame the devil. Worry, anxiety and fear come from the devil, but in fact we fail to understand that we dont have God first when we are in a state of fear, worry or anxiety.

Beny Rusu: This conference is very relevant because it presents us with a biblical perspective from a medical point of view. And, somehow Dr. Vlad Schlezak helps us to understand that, in fact they do not, contradict each other, they work hand in hand.

Daniela Bot: I believe that as Christians, first and foremost, its very important to be educated on this condition and approach it both spiritually and scientifically.

Sanda Molin: With everything that I gather here I can help women who come in for counseling. There are frequent problems of worry, of fear, of anxiety. We thank God that we can learn many things and we can have a greater impact in the lives of women.

Bogdan Cinca: I understood many things and its opened my perspective on how to be free from worry, fear and anxiety. We young people battle a lot with these problems.

At the end of the 2-day seminar, Dr. Vald Schlezak launched his latest book A Christian Encyclopedia of Diseases. The author refers to more then 750 diseases that fall into several categories: mental illness, problems of a spiritual, relational, and family nature, plus diseases of the body. Vlad Schlezak desires for this work to be useful for Christian counselers as well as for healthcare professionals.

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