The Way, The Truth and The Life: Live Ministry

For more than 20 years, beginning in 1999, Alfa Omega TV has been producing The Way, The Truth and The Life program, being the first religious talk show in Romania. After many decades of communism it was necessary to restore Judeo-Christian values in the country. From the start The Way, The Truth and The Life promoted essential information for balanced Christian living.

Tudor Petan: After 50 years of communism, Romania needed the restoration of some Christian values, of some principles for Christian living in Romanian society.

The program is aimed at the simple ordinary man who needs truth and biblical principles which he can apply to daily life. Guests are from various denominations and ethnic groups, prominent representatives of Christian living and influential leaders in society.

Tudor Petan: Its a form in which Christian values, principles, theological elements are promoted, discussed and debated in an easy and accessible way, its mode being a dialogue, talk show, having guests that are people of faith from different confessions. Basically, this is one of the dimensions which we maintain even now, a special interfaith receptiveness.

Marcel Strubert: As you watch the show you can observe the spirit of the guests, of the moderator and, moreover, even though youre not present there, you can interact with them. That is, if you have the possiblity to send in a prayer request, or a question which then will be part of their discussion on the set.

During the live broadcasts of The Way, The Truth and The Life, fundamental themes of the Christian life are discussed, answers are offered in response to questions, but one of the most important dimensions is ministering to people through prayer.

Tudor Petan: This season, when we have reached nearly 700 programs, the live shows on Thursday evening are a moment anticipated by our viewers, a time when, besides transmitting biblical values, and Christian principles, we pray, we minister to people, we answer their questions and then we pray again.

Ilie Popa: I can say, both as a guest and as a moderator, that it is a spiritual ministry. in the prsence of God, for God, for Gods glory, but at the same time we minister to people. Im glad that Alfa Omega ministers to people from a biblical perspective, because ministry is not denominational and God is not denominational.

Every year thousands of prayer requests are received concerning diverse issues: salvation, healing, restoration, family and relationships, emotional problems, and demonic influence. In 2019 alone, the total number of requests for prayer exceded 5,000 in number.

Simona Gavris: I watched with great interest the live program which had as its subject The Descension of the Holy Spirit. For me, the light came on. During the show they spoke the truth about salvation and they said the work of the Holy Spirit is important in the life of a Christian.

Viruca Delean: We were watching The Way, The Truth and The Life program. It was a live broadcast and we saw how the brothers prayed, how they cared, how they encourage. (. . .) The notes came in with different problems: families without peace, prayer for the sick, jobs, different causes, all of them difficulties. Then I said, I want to call, too, because there are people who care.

Elena Alina Nagy: I had very bad back pain and by faith, in the name of Jesus, I was healed. I believed in the Word which I saw on the show.

The Way, The Truth, and The Life shows are not informative programs, but they are of a spiritual nature, which implies experience in prayer and fasting, for the moderator as well as for the guests.

Marcel Strubert: Its very important to prepare yourself with fasting and prayer because this type of broadcast is of a spiritual aspect. Theyre not shows in which we merely transmit information, we treat a topic in a way that will satisfy the intellect of our viewers, but they are topics of a spiritual aspect which imply a different level of depth, and certainly, when youre invited to such a show you must take these aspects into consideration.

Ilie Popa: The moderator is like a spearhead. Like a spearhead. When I am the moderator I need help through prayer and the prayer support of the guests, and when I am a guest I pray for the moderator. I know how its like to be a moderator. But its a great privilege and a great honor, a great prestige that God grants us, whether as a guest on the show or as a moderator, we serve the Lord, and we honor Him, we lift up the His name, we proclaim His name and we announce salvation, the Good News, in the name of the Lord.

In addition to the live shows, with prayer ministry, which are broadcast Thursday evening, Alfa Omega TV also produces The Way, The Truth and The Life one-hour programs which address fundamental issues of the Christian life.

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