What is the meaning of true love?

Regardless of culture, social class or age, people try to find true love. In postmodern times it has become more and more difficult to define love.

Silviu Cornea: We live in a world that has forgotten what love means. We live in a world that confuses love with lust, with attraction, and simple physical intimacy. I think its necessary for us to understand that these aspects are encompassed in love, but its not limited to just these aspects.

Culture and society have created an image of love that has deviated from Gods model. Young or mature, people try to give an answer to the question: What is love?

Silviu Cornea: For me love is always finding resources in order to dedicate myself to the loved one near me, to help them to grow and to meet the needs of the other person.

Ovidiu Tiprigan: We must look to Jesus Christ and He tells us there is no greater love than this: to lay down ones life for ones friends. For me love means self-denial for the sake of others.

Denis Costea: Its a sentiment which is manifested in peoples lives and which should come more from God.

Emanuel Jivan: Love is the expression of the service of a person fulfilled in God. This is what I learned, thats what Im taking away from the conference and this is what Ill apply in my life from here on.

Tania Condre: First of all, clearly it means God and from Him Ive learned what true love is. I wrote on the board that love means sacrifice.

Nadia Paunescu: For me, in fact, love means friendship. When thinking about love, Ive always wanted a genuine friendship. I wanted to love that person first as a friend and secondly as something more than just a friend.

Richard Balog-Bruckner: For me love means more than just a sentiment, it means gests, it means patience, it means dedication.

Abiatar Vacari: There is so much to be said about love. I dont know, love I think is that beautiful thing between two people who accept each other, two people who love while aware that theyre vulnerable, weak.

One of the most beautiful texts about love is found in the Bible. Its chapter 13 in the book of 1 Corithians which describes, among other things, the necessity of sacrifice in a relationship.

Daniela Maties: I dont think any relationship can function without sacrifice and I think that this is actually the foundation that any relationship should have.

Andreea Ciuculescu: A realtionship is based on sincerity and communication. In other words, if communication exists then the relationship, I believe, can be a lasting one.

Mirela Cotoranu: I think sacrifice is necessary in any relationship for it to work and love means sacrifice. I wouldnt even expect this kind of relationship without sacrifice.

True love, fleeting attraction, relationships between people are what preoccupy them, especially the young people of today. In this context Veritas Bible college regularly addresses such relevant themes for postmodern society.

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