Christians interest in the spiritual dimension is diminishing in Romania | Alfa Omega TV Report

The Church, beyond being an institution, represents the community of believers called to take the Gospel to all people. In order to fulfill this mandate, Christians must develop a relationship with God by reading the Scripture, and through fasting and prayer. According to research done by Remus Runcan, Doctor in Sociology, in Romanian evangelical churches, nearly two thirds of believers read only a part of the Bible in a year.


Remus Runcan: 16.4% say that they very rarely read the Word, that is, only during the holidays; 61.6% say that, in a year, they read through only part of the Bible, meaning they werent successful in reading through all the Scripture. Approximately 15% have read the whole Bible once, and only 7% have read the all of the Bible more than once. Very many Christians do not manage to read through the Word of God, and this, in a way, blocks their end of the line of communication with God.

Neither are things any better concerning prayer. A little more than half of those questioned pray under 10 min. a day.

Remus Runcan: Approximately half of the population questioned do not succeed in allocating even an average of 10 minutes per day for prayer. This tells us, in fact, that they dont have time to talk to God, to have this direct communication on a telephone line which is never busy.

Another indicator had to do with the spiritaul discipline of fasting. Almost 20% had never fasted.

Remus Runcan: Approximately 20% never fast. They consider that it is not a practice that needs to be observed weekly or monthly, or even at holidays. 31.6% responded very rarely, and they are probably closer to never; 31% say they fasted when they were provoked to fast. Here is a segment of Christians that I would work with, even provoking them.

In contrast, the evaluation of virtual space communication, shows that both adults and young people spend a long time on social networks.

Remus Runcan: There are 3 samples that were relatively the same, that is 26.16%, 26.35%, and 26.6%. These are people that stay approximately half an hour, people that stay up to an hour, people that stay between 1 and 2 hours, and those that dedicate more than 3 hours to these practices which also significant--15.5%.

The need to return to the study of the Word of God and practicing spiritual disciplines, is confirmed by Christian leaders as well as by believers.

Vlad Criznic: How do you maintain this relationship with God? Beginning with all that means reading His Word, to all that means communicating in prayer with Him, and fulfilling those things that are spiritual disciplines.

Silviu Cornea: Weve observed a lack of peoples interest, or a departure from what Scripture means. So the purpose of this college is to explain, to correctly interpret, and to call people back to the Scriptures.

Flavius Avramescu: Why do I need to read? Not just to read for volume, but so that I can apply it in a practical way afterwards, to be able to advance and to assimilate the information in order to use it for those around me.

Voichita Elena Vid: We must turn once again to the Word of Scripture, and make time for it and understand that it is necessary to make time for us, for our lives, and our souls.

It can be said that the time allotted to spiritual practices shows the quality of a Christians relationship with God.

Remus Runcan: Time is not merciful to us and that is why I think we must be smart in how we invest it. It must be used in a positive way for our etrnal souls and not only for these things which perish once theyre used.

Research on the level of spirituality of Romanian evangelical Christians, was recently carried out on a sample of 1,017 people with a ± 3% margin of error.

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