40 Days for Life Campaign - A Voice for the Unborn | Alfa Omega TV Report

Romania is holding its place among the places in the world with the most abortions, and Timisoara is in 2nd place on the national level with approximately 4,000 pregnancy interruptions per year according to data from the Minister of Health. At the same time, Romania is among the countries with the highest number of teen pregnancies. For this reason, voluteers involved in this civic campaign, 40 Days for Life, want to draw the attention of the community to the tragedy of abortion and the value of life.

Emanuela Isaincu: The importance of the campaign is to save unborn children, and in addition, to help women, and even men, as it was stated at the conference, to help them to see the value of life, and to make them aware of the loss of life and we help them to love life.

Representatives of civil society are present in front of the Odobescu Maternity hospital in Timisoara, for 12 hours each day until April 5, carrying placards with pro-life messages. The purpose is not to protest against someone, but to support the right to life of unborn children.

Ghita Alecsei: We believe that in this branch, the campaign is very beneficial for very many women in a crisis pregnancy, because its that secret area where people open up very little, confide very little, but the conviction they receive is very important.

Through the years, beginning in 2007 when the 40 Days for Life campaign debuted, more than 16,500 children were saved worldwide. Women and young girls who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, should understand that the interruption of a pregnancy has mental, physical and spiritual ramifications. At the same time, those who have experienced the trauma of abortion can receive help.

Adrian Daniel Stupar: We talk to them about Gods forgiveness. We also tell them about the fact that the past cannot be relived. But but we talk about the fact that no matter how grave their past may be, the love of God always offers forgiveness, and rehabilitation.

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